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Best 44 for Geelong

Today Geelong tomorrow Gold Coast

B: Tuohy, Blicavs, J.Henry

HB: Bews, De Koning, Stewart

C: Smith, C.Guthrie, Holmes

HF: Duncan, Cameron, Miers

F: Stengle, Hawkins, Rohan

FOLL: Stanley, Atkins, Dangerfield

IC: Kolodjashnij, Z.Guthrie, O’Connor, Close


B: Bowes, Foster, Clark

HB: Kroeger, Murdoch, Simpson

C: Knevitt, Willis, Menegola

HF: Whyte, Ratugolea, O.Henry

F: Ceglar, Neale, Dempsey

FOLL: Conway, Parfitt, Bruhn

IC: Clohesy, Mullin, Riccardi, NA


Geelong also have a spot on their list for a train on.


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PODCAST: Jason Taylor Interview 2022

I’ll be chatting with Jason Taylor tomorrow and playing the interview at 8:30pm. After the interview I hope to be joined by @george_on_the_outer & @binman (if they’re available) to have an informal discussion about the draft and of course our wonderful inaugural AFLW Premiership. We’ll also take any calls if you have comments or questions you want to contribute.

Listen & Chat LIVE:

Call: 03 9016 3666

Skype: Demonland31

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It’s been another great season for Demon fans and Demonland.

We didn’t make it to the AFL Big Dance although we finished in the top two after the home and away but we’re still regarded as an AFL powerhouse and right up there in the premiership window with a real chance in 2023!

On top of that our Melbourne AFLW and Casey Demons teams did us proud by holding aloft their respective premiership cups.

Taking the opportunity to thank all of you our contributors for your participation in this difficult year for the Melbourne Football Club.

In particular, I would like to thank Nasher once again for keeping the site together and to our feature writers George on the Outer, Whispering Jack, The Oracle, KC from Casey, Meggs and all of our other contributors for keeping Demonland going throughout season 2022 (in the case of AFLW seasons 2022).

Also a big thank you to Whispering Jack, grapeviney and George on their tireless and often thankless efforts as Moderators.

And now, we can look forward to the future. Bring on 2023!

Go Dees!!!

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Best 44 for Fremantle

Today Fremantle tomorrow Geelong

B: Ryan, Pearce, Chapman

HB: Clark, Cox, Young

C: Aish, O’Meara, Brodie

HF: Schultz, Fyfe, Walters

F: Jackson, Taberner, Frederick

FOLL: Darcy, Serong, Brayshaw

IC: O’Driscoll, Banfield, Walker, Switkowski


B: Hughes, Hamling, Benning

HB: Wilson, Davies, Williams

C: Worner, Erasmus, Wagner

HF: Sturt, Treacy, Corbett

F: Henry, Amiss, Emmett

FOLL: Reidy, Colyer, Johnson

IC: Kuek, Draper, Knobel, NA

Fremantle also have a spot for a train on.

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Best 44 for Essendon

Today Essendon tomorrow Fremantle

B: Redman, Ridley, D’Ambrosio

HB: McGrath, Laverde, Hind

C: Merrett, Parish, Cox

HF: Langford, Jones, Stringer

F: Martin, Wright, McDonald-Tipungwuti

FOLL: Draper, Hobbs, Perkins

IC: Caldwell, Weideman, Snelling, Heppell


B: Kelly, Stewart, Reid

HB: Lord, Zerk-Thatcher, Hayes

C: Setterfield, Durham, Shiel

HF: Guelfi, Voss, Menzie

F: Wanganeen, Baldwin, J.Davey

FOLL: Bryan, Tsatas, A.Davey

IC: Phillips, McBride, Munkara, Montgomerie


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Best 44 for Collingwood

Today Collingwood tomorrow Essendon.

B: Maynard, Murphy, N.Daicos

HB: Quaynor, Moore, Pendlebury

C: Lipinski, De Goey, J.Daicos

HF: Sidebottom, Mihocek, McCreery

F: Elliott, McStay, Ginnivan

FOLL: Cameron, Adams, Crisp

IC: Mitchell, Noble, Howe, Cox


B: Richards, Dean, Ryan

HB: Draper, Kelly, Ruscoe

C: Bianco, Macrae, Allan

HF: McInnes, Kreuger, Hoskin-Elliott

F: Frampton, Johnson, Hill

FOLL: Begg, Harrison, Carmichael

IC: Wilson, Murley, NA

Collinwood also have a spot for a train on.

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Demons Lottery 2023

Yes it’s the annual “guess what number the new recruits will be wearing”? 

Available numbers 

2, 6, 12, 19, 26, 28,29,33, 38, 39


Grundy, Hunter, Schache, Jefferson, Adams, Verrall, Sestan, Farris-White.  

with Chandler getting promoted to the senior list, he might be “upgraded” to a lower number

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